Rust on Sea Side

Rust is an extremely important issue for anyone living in the coastal areas of Karachi.


Stainless steel accessories:
We imported special stainless steel accessories that impart superior rust resistance to our windows.
Special Coating Accessories:
Our accessories that are not made of stainless steel have special coatings that provide them long term rust resistance.
uPVC Material:
Our uPVC material naturally is corrosion proof. It can not rust.

Large windows

Small windows are the norm in the Chinese and European market. However, soon after we began selling windows in Pakistan, we realized that our market was special. People like large openings that give great views, especially in the bungalow segment.


Increased thickness to 3mm. Increased chambers from 3 to 5. Increased sash size to 90mm
We imported extra heavy duty rollers and heavy hinges.

Rain Water

During heavy rains, rainwater may come inside the house through windows, causing a lot of headache.


Rain Track:
A special rain track profile was developed for sliding windows to stop water from coming inside even if the drainage holes are blocked due to any reason.
Special Sealing Materials:
We began using TPV weldable gaskets, insulation tapes and foam during installation to increase sealing.

Flies & Mosquitoes

In the Chinese and specially European markets, flies and mosquitoes are not a serious threat. However, in the Pakistani market, dengue, malaria and other such diseases have made protection from mosquitoes and flies essential.


Flynet Profile:
We developed a large fly net profile to provide an economical yet effective solution for both sliding and open out windows.
Roll Up Flyscreen:
We have also imported European Roll up flyscreen system for customers who want something extra.


Security is a major concern all over Pakistan. We have taken a number of measures to increase security of our windows


Grill Profile:
We developed a combination of aluminum and uPVC profiles to provide space in our open out windows that makes it possible to install security grills.
Multi-point Locks:
Multipoint locks are available for our sliding and open out windows.
Steel Reinforcement:
All our windows are reinforced with steel for added strength which is necessary for the long term performance of our windows.

Design Limitations

We usually hear that there are many design limitations when it comes to uPVC windows. We have taken a number of steps to solve this issue.


Georgian Bar Profile:
This is a special profile that fits within a sandwich of double glass to give different design options.
Grid Profile:
A special aluminum profile that can fit on top of single or double glass to give classical design options usually available for wood windows. Available for only sliding windows at the moment.


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