Why Framez

Why uPVC

What You Get at Framez?

Framez is a specialist in providing UPVC and Aluminum made window & door systems in Pakistan. More than just a window & door systems supplier, Framez is a complete solutions provider offering the most wide-ranging line of UPVC products available in the market. Our representatives are always right there to assist in solving challenging construction problems and to advise with their experience. This combination of quality and built-in technical expertise calls for surefire tailor-made results with no compromises!

Why Choose Framez?

Because only at Framez you get cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions for all of the following concerns when it comes to both the durability and the aestheticsof your window & door profiles at your premises:

  • Rust
  • Rain
  • Flies
  • Security threat(s)
  • Design Limitations
  • Size Limitations

And where you are guaranteed to earn yourself…

  • Free On-Site Survey and Advice
  • Experienced & Fully Qualified Staff
  • Supply & Fit or Supply Only
  • Environmentally Friendly, Number 1 Quality UPVC

Where Can You Find Framez?

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in the S.I.T.E area of Karachi, Pakistan.

For further information, please feel free to call us at: +92-21-2589004-6 or download our brochure simply by clicking here.

Learn WhyUPVC

Framez is the leading UPVC manufacturer of window & door systems across Pakistan. Its’ unique solutions comprise specially engineered designs that combine form with function better than anything you’ve ever seen. So every Framez system is as stylish as it is ingenious, and as attractive as it is durable. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, Framez ensures you of windows & doors that work beautifully, taking care of a major factor in the success of any building project.

Features uPVC Wood Aluminum
Durability (with degradation) Twenty five years and above One to two years Two to three years
Sun Protection Very high ( Minimum Twenty five) Low Medium
Maintenance Negligible to none Very high Medium
Water Resistance Waterproof Very poor Satisfactory


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