Pre-Order & Sales


Pre-Order & Sales

Once you are connected with our sales executive, they will set up a meeting at the site where the installations of products are required. The sales personnel will discuss in detail the illustrations and drawings to ascertain the actual requirements of design, hardware, finish, and glass to be installed. Our executive will thoroughly examine the apertures and will take note of all the measurements required by the design team.

Post the interaction, our sales executive will forward the quote generated to the customer, and if the customer requires any changes in the layout the same can be discussed and incorporated there and then. In case of any changes, a fresh price quote will be sent to the customers.

Once the customer confirms the order the installation supervisor will visit the customer with the necessary documents of floor plans and diagrammatic representations. The supervisor will inspect and ensure that all the apertures, final measurements, and designs are in order, and will forward the same to the design team.

In case any of the gaps need readjustment, the customer would be requested to have the modification done as per the requisite measurements. After all the modifications have been incorporated, a final quotation will be sent to the customer.

Post the final approval by the customer, we will start the process of designing and fabricating products that are not only aesthetically appealing but are also partners for life and incorporate the features of durability, comfort, and peace of mind.